Pecan & Chestnut Trees - $15 (Fishersville)

Chestnut & Pecan seedlings $15 each, bundles of 5 for $60, bundles of 10 for $100.

Ideally you would plant at least 3-5 of either to make sure you end up with 2+ mature trees for good pollination. These are first year seedling trees that are sold bare root.

Chestnuts are truly an amazing crop. The per tree yields at maximum bearing can exceed 100 lbs per year and chestnuts have 1100 calories per pound. So a pair of trees could be producing each year the caloric equivalent of a person's diet for 110 days. This is an amazing addition to your homestead or farm and can help feed your family for generations. They reach maximum bearing in about 10 years (first bearing as little as 5) and can bear nuts for decades if not centuries. These are pure Chinese chestnut or Chinese-type hybrid seed from commercial quality parents.

Pecan trees are a great choice for anyone looking to grow their own food. These North American native trees are known for their large, delicious, thin-shelled nuts, which have a rich, buttery flavor. Pecan trees are large and long-lived, with the potential to reach heights of up to 100 feet and spreads of 50-80 feet and turn a brilliant yellow in the fall. These trees have the potential to produce prodigious amounts of food across generational timespans, making them a valuable addition to any homestead, farm, garden, or community. I have seedlings from wild type trees as well as seedlings of a cultivar tree.

Pickup in Waynesboro/Fishersville. I've got other plants available (hazelnut, persimmon, walnut, wildflower seeds, etc) if you click the more from this user button. I’m open to barter. We may also be able to offer work trade at a rate $25/hr if you want to help on the farm in exchange for trees.
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