Purebred Silver fox rabbits with pedigree - $50 (Stuart’s draft)

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Purebred pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits ($50) are available. We have the following colors: black, chocolate, blue, lilac and tort. I will update this ad as animals are sold. If communication is not received within 24 hours after a scheduled pickup date, the animal(s) will become available for sale again to the next buyer on our waiting list. Cash only please. Printed pedigree, rabbit care quick guide sheet and a small bag of pellets to transition over to your feed will be given to each new owner. Please shoot us an email if interested and follow us at Bliss Farmstead on Facebook or Homesteadingsince2021 on TikTok.

Black - 2 does available
This is the original SF color. Some breed purists believe it is the only “real” color for this heritage breed.

Chocolates - none available at this time. Please check back or email to be placed on our waiting list.
Like blacks, chocolates are able to be shown.

Blue - none available at this time. Please check back or email to be placed on our waiting list.
Blues were once a breed standard color but, sadly, so few were being shown that they were dropped. The certificate of development is currently being worked on, and we are hopeful that these beautiful blues will once again become a breed standard color variety.

Lilac - 1 buck available
Like blue’s this color is not recognized as the standard but is my personal favorite color…the rarest of the four colors, lilacs are a beautiful rabbit to look at with gorgeous pelt color.

Tort- none available at this time. Please check back or email to be placed on our waiting list.
Torts are also known as the Alaskan Red Silver Fox and come in all four colors above but have a reddened hue to them that makes them look multicolored. Like lilacs, torts are a rare variety and neared extinction with only a select few Silver Foxes left carrying the gene.

Silver Fox is one of the first breeds to be developed in America as a multi-purpose rabbit for meat and fur. They are a large breed with senior does ranging from 10-12 lbs. and senior bucks around 9-11 lbs. They have an excellent meat-to-bone ratio and can have an impressive dress out weight of 65%. They are wonderful mothers (and foster moms) and usually have large litters with a good milk supply. They’re sweet-natured, gentle rabbits and are a good, docile breed for children. They are the only breed that has the characteristic trait of “stick up fur.” When stroked from tail to head their fur stands straight up and will only lay back down when stroked from head to tail. As their name suggests, their fur greatly resembles the silver fox of the Arctic.

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